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Board members

Марина Кисьова де Хеус - Учредителка и председател на Настоятелството

Marina Kisyova de Geus - Founder and Chairwoman

Marina Kisyova de Geus has founded Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation led by the belief that Bulgaria needs more confident women who would lead the future positive change in the Bulgarian society. She has founded the charity to unite women and to support women.

Marina holds an M.Phil in International Peace Studies form Trinity College Dublin and B.A. in Psychology from New Bulgarian University. She has a specialization in Conflict prevention and resolution through arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation from the University for Peace (UPEACE, UN mandated). She has worked for the Office of the President of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague and for the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

We change the world every single day by the simple acts of our thoughts, words and actions. What Bulgaria will look like in 5 or 15 years is totally up to us and our brave decisions. I’ve dedicated myself to community building and organizing, because I believe this is the first step towards a more active and responsible civil society.

Нора Стефанова - Член на Настоятелството

Nora Stefanova - Board Member

Nora Stefanova joins Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation in 2017 with a main focus on training activities and personal development by all means. Having graduated Special Education in Sofia University and Human Resources Development in Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, her interest has always been concentrated in people development at individual, group and community level. Nora has a years-long experience in organisational and project consulting for organisation in the corporate, civic and public sector. She has a proved expertise in stimulating active participation and leadership skills, community building and engagement.

Policy making without being related to real practical work in the field, knowing the specific context, the people in it and their realities, sooner or later leads to distortion of these policies and failure to meet real needs. That is why I am part of Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation – because we need working policies for women’s participation which should reflect the needs and reality women’s communities in Bulgaria. In order to achieve this, first we need someone who must be working with these communities…

Станислава Рашева - Член на Настоятелството

Stanislava Rasheva - Board Member

Stanislava Rasheva, Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Cultural Studies, received her education at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”. She completed a one-year course at the Leadership Academy organized by the Council of Women in Business. Stanislava has extensive professional experience in various fields, which complement and build skills for creating effective partnerships, analytical thinking and harden a clear civic conscience. She has worked in the field of journalism, marketing, PR, education, and the non-governmental sector. Her personal interests are in the field of cultural anthropology, ancient cultures and philosophy.

Light does not diminish when we share it, so it is with love, kindness and the human in man. I am convinced that we are growing in difficulties. Women need shared values ​​and a supportive environment.


Маргарита Спасова - Експерт застъпничество

Margarita Spasova - Advocacy officer

Margarita Spasova joined the team in 2019 as the initiator of the SHE in Gabrovo and subsequently played a key role in the development of the SHE in Bulgaria network. She has a BA in International Relations and an International Master's in European Union Law from Sofia University and a Master's degree in International Migration and Ethnic Relations from Malmö University, Sweden. She has worked in the International Affairs, European Programs and Projects Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and in the European Commission in Luxembourg. In the last 6 years she has been working in the non-governmental sector as a trainer and project coordinator on topics related to migration and integration, human rights, equality and civic participation.