Personal Development Manual

Пътеводител към себе си

Personal Development Manual
"A Guide to Yourself"

"A Guide to Yourself" was created as an upgrade element of the personal development program "SHE is ME" as a long-term support to participants in the program with a tool for personal reflection, planning and mobilization long after the end of the program. The guide is developed precisely and practically, combining well-connected and up-to-date exercises, accompanied by clear instructions and guidelines for their implementation.

As its content is not directly related to the participation in the program “SHE is ME” and the accompanying modules, the personal development manual is a stand-alone tool that can be used by any woman who realizes the need to take time for herself and to look inside her inner world. A Guide to Yourself is working, practical guide that brings together a series of tasks and exercises to go through sequentially to better understand, clarify, and visualize personal development in three main areas:

  • “I alone with Me and Myself” – own true Self, as every woman is and to which she wants to expand.
  • Relationships – a woman in her relationships with others or how she can be herself in a social world in which she is inextricably linked to others
  • Realization – own perspective at the moment, whether it is a career, a cause, a hobby or just a meaningful existence, in the way a woman likes.
Наръчник за личностно развитие „Пътеводител към себе си”
Наръчник за личностно развитие „Пътеводител към себе си”
Наръчник за личностно развитие „Пътеводител към себе си”

By following the Guide, every woman will be able to:

  • Clarify for herself where she comes from, why is she here and where does she want to go
  • Get to know herself through three different aspects – inner self; she in her relationships with others; Own realization in the world
  • Get out of her comfort zone to get out of the routine and the track and take a consciously chosen path
  • Get specific tools and structure through which to turn her vision into action
  • Count on a personal development system to use in the years to come.
Наръчник за личностно развитие „Пътеводител към себе си”

The sale of “Guide to yourself” is carried out entirely for charity and 100% of the profit is used to carry out the activities of the “Ekaterina Karavelova” Foundation.