Personal Development Program “SHE IS ME”

The personal development program “SHE is ME” is specially developed by the team of the Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation as a three-module training program for women. Its goal is to effectively respond to the constantly identified need in our work with various women from all over Bulgaria to provide a safe space and adequate support for building greater confidence, deepening self-knowledge, identifying and stating own vision for realization and outline it through specific objectives. Within 3 intensive two-day seminars with additional individual work between them, the participants have the opportunity to look inside themselves, to get to know each other well and to distinguish their personal values, qualities and needs from the expectations of the environment around them. In this way, they can determine exactly what they need at the moment, what is their deep understanding of personal development, what hinders them and what they need to be able to achieve it.

The “SHE is ME” program is not a set of fixed knowledge and skills that every participant needs to learn in order to practice in a specific way afterwards. The program is a framework that stimulates participants to go through various provocations and experiences and build the content themselves – each one for herself. The benefits and results for each woman are strictly individual, depending on the specific stage of life in which she is, the opportunities she has and the environment that surrounds her. To this end, the program is built entirely on the methods of non-formal education, experiential learning, accompanied by group coaching and individual counseling.

Summary of the program:

Module 1 “The potential of personal history – personality, identity, integrity”

A Kick-off two-day module that gives participants space to both get to know each other and build trust, as well as give themselves the opportunity to get to know oneselves. The foundations are laid for knowing and developing the personality and its interaction with the community

Module 2 “Mapping the direction of development – capacity, strengths, deployment and visualization of the directions of development”

Elaboration of a detailed “portrait” with strengths, competencies and ambitions for development, upgraded with visualization of the future and development of the “portrait”. Stimulating the group as a community – benefit, potential, mutual support, local reality – strengths and weaknesses.

Module 3 “In the world of action – personal and community engagement, development of personal action plans and follow-up for the community”

Specifying the mapped potential at personal and community level in development plans. Identification and taking one’s own place in the plan and the planned activities, personal commitment. Reflection and assessment of the “travel” through the program and the development direction of the follow-up activities.

So far, there have been two editions of the personal development program “SHE is ME” – in 2019 and 2021, implemented with the financial support of the Bulgarian Fund for Women and co-financed by individual administrative fees to the participants.

The program is developed by one of the members of the Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation – Nora Stefanova, an expert in non-formal education and human capital development. In developing the program, she focuses on important topics such as self-knowledge, personal exploration, meaningful self-image and self-reflection.

Nora Stefanova graduated in Special Pedagogy at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”and Human Resources Management at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Nora Stefanova deals with people. In every sense. She has worked as a teacher of children of primary school age, youth coach and mentor in various youth organizations, human resources consultant and trainer of the teams of large international and Bulgarian companies.