SHE in Bulgaria in April 2022

April was very active and celebratory month for SHE in Bulgaria network.

In Gabrovo the edition introduced us to two wonderful ladies. Nadya Koleva works in the field of finance and economics but all Gabrovo people know her through her social activities. These are initiatives that make Gabrovo a better place to live. Doing good for her is a personal mission and she believes that goodness is power. The other inspiring woman who presented herself is a director of kindergarten “Daga” in Gabrovo. Krasimira Koleva is a creator who values freedom. She is also a person with a mission – to give the children the best she can.

Nadya Koleva
Krasimira Koleva

SHE in Vidin introduced us to Lora Tsvetanova and Radoslava Grigorova. Lora is a psychologist but she is better known as a writer of prose and poetry. She told us how her hobby to write capturing texts turned into a daily activity that brings her revenue and immense satisfaction. Radoslava is a lady owning a business in the field of interior design. Also, she is a marketing manager at a consultancy company. Radoslava is among the first volunteers for the cause “Plastic caps for neonatal incubators” and an active participant in the group of Vidin mothers.

Lora Tsvetanova
Radoslava Grigorova

In Pleven we met two very active women – Desislava Drumeva and Ina Erminova. Desislava is an owner and manager of her own restaurant for healthy eating called “A Pinch of Love”. She loves nature, gardening and painting. Apart from the business, she would like one day to make an exhibition. Ina Erminova is an active young lady. She initiates and participates in charity causes, takes care of flowers, loves reading and encourages other young people to be warmer and supporting of each other.

Desislava Drumeva
Ina Erminova

The Plovdiv event of SHE in..was special as we celebrated the International Girls in ICT Day in partnership with Mall Markovo Tepe. We invited three inspiring ladies from the ICT field in the town – Dilyana Totseva, Teodora Valchanova and Denitza Tchakarova. You can read a detailed story of the event here.

Marinela Visochkova

The social format SHE in Lovech was revitalized after a long period during which it could not happen. We had the chance to hear the story of Marinela Visochkova. She has been a kindergarten director for many years. In her daily life Marinela tries to keep the humanity and peace in the relationships with others regardless of occurring arguments and difficult situations.

The social event SHE in Bulgaria™ is created by Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation. The meetings are organized by volunteers in various towns in Bulgaria.