SHE in Bulgaria in February 2022

February was a very active month for SHE in Bulgaria network.

In Varna the event introduced to us Pepa Petrova who successfully realizes marketing and advertising campaigns on a national level through her PR agency called Protema. She also organizes communal events in her hometown. One of them is called The Sweetest Day – an open youth cultural happening that presents the most talented children and young people in Varna and is one of a kind in terms of number of participants and audience. Miroslava Mileva, a team member of SHE in Varna, was the second inspiring lady at the meeting. She is a role model for many young people in the town. As a Social Effect Director of The Social Teahouse, Miroslava organizes a number of events and educational programmes.

In Vidin we heard interesting life stories told by Vanya Stavreva and Milena Idakieva. Vanya was a journalist for a number of years till one day she woke up with the desire to study archeology. This turn was unexpected but gave her great fulfilment and new life opportunities. Milena’s path was winding and adventurous – she studies in Nicaragua, Sofia, later in Columbia and ten years ago she went to live in Vidin. Currently she manages a family winery in the town.

The Plovdiv edition of SHE in Bulgaria introduced to us Snezhana Pavlova and Natali Dimova. Snezhana is a project manager in the cultural and arts field and an owner of an event company called My Party. She told us about the surprising way that life served her this profession, namely – through the art of her daughter. The story told by the psychologist and yoga instructor Natali helped us understand the notion of yoga not only as a tool for physical health, but also for spiritual development. She told us how she changed her notion of the woman’s needs and shared her realization about the importance of rest and the calm enjoyment of life for her health.

SHE in Pleven presented Marieta Pavlova – a volunteer in Lions Club The Mirror, a co-owner of an advertising agency and a passionate traveler. Marieta inspired the guests with her story about the big world of good deeds and the numerous helping initiavies she is involved with.

The social event SHE in Bulgaria™ is created by Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation. The meetings are organized by volunteers in various towns in Bulgaria.