Ellie and Marina

SHE in Bulgaria in January 2022

January was cold, but also warming and interesting for us, our volunteers and event guests. We had wonderful meetings of SHE in Bulgaria network. In Vidin we listened to the story of Stela Lozanova about her bio farm “Pokraina” developing biodynamic agriculture and giving the people in Vidin a chance to eat delicious and high quality fruits and vegetables. Monika Boyanova was the second inspiring woman from the town who shared her extensive experience in caring for people of various ages – from newly born to young children and elderly people. As a talented artist, she told us about her path in painting and the joy in creating beautiful paintings. The event guests saw some of her artworks.

In Varna the Social Teahouse presented two inspiring women from the field of psychology. Vyara Georgieva described her way from the corporate world to the private business and the products she creates for babies and little children within her brand Tabula Rasa. As a director of a social service for abandoned children and young people with and without intellectual difficulties, Diyana Dyankova told us about the strength, meaning and love in her endeavor. Together with a dedicated team of specialists she takes care and raises more than one hundred children.

SHE in Gabrovo was hosted by the local radio Boomerang. The actress Nadezhda Petkova who is currently working in the town drama theatre, shared how she found her profession and ended up in Gabrovo – the place she now calls her home.

The social event SHE in Bulgaria™ is created by Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation. The meetings are organized by volunteers in various towns in Bulgaria.