SHE in Bulgaria in March 2022

This year we welcomed the spring with interesting events of SHE in Bulgaria network.

In Gabrovo the meeting had the format of a living library. It gathered the women that had presented themselves the previous months on Bumerang radio. They were joined by the wornderful Ivelina Bogdanova – Venkova. She told us about her travel and life through different European countries and how she chose Gabrovo as her current town to live. Inspired by her own wedding, Ivelina created wedding products that are unique for each couple. She is also a part of the volunteer team that organizes She in Gabrovo.

She in Vidin also introduced to us an inspiring artist – the Armenian Anna Saakyan who has been living in the town for 30 years with her family. She creates unique jewelry made of clay and inspired by nature.

Our guests in Varna heard the interesting stories of Svetlozara Hristova and Natalia Nikolova. Svetlozara has a degree in Cultural Studies and organizes two festivals in her hometown – RADAR Festival Beyond Music and Moving Body Festival. She is also a co-creator of an online platform for people who book lovers called Book Journey. Natalia is an artist and a teacher. In her creative workshop “Natalinko” she engages the children in the process of re-creating the wasteful products into artworks.

She in Plovdiv in March was very special. The meeting was dedicated to two very active women – Elena Lulcheva and Teodora Todorova. Elena is a key person for the establishment and development of SHE in Bulgaria network. As a psychologist, a coach, a family business support, and a games creator, she told us about her personal journey and a daily life full of activities. Teodora’s story was also very impressive. She is a deputy chairwoman of the National Association of the Women-Beekeepers in Bulgaria and a very active bee-keeper. Teodora shared interesting facts about the life of the bees and why they are among the most important creatures on our planet.   

The social event SHE in Bulgaria™ is created by Ekaterina Karavelova Foundation. The meetings are organized by volunteers in various towns in Bulgaria.